Arabic Children Book. Why Not?
Arabic Children Book. Why Not?

Arabic Children Book. Why Not?

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Written by: Taghreed Najjar, Illustrated by: Hassan Manasrah,

For 30 years, Samia’s father had never missed a day’s work, until one day just before it was time to wake people up for Suhoor, he fell ill. Knowing how much her father hates to let the people of the village down, Samia offers to take his place, until he feels better. Will her father accept? Can she really do it? What will the villagers think of a girl Mosaher? A touching story of courage, solidarity and tradition. “Why not?“ will transport the reader to the enchanting village of Lifta in Palestine during the 30s of the twentieth century.

*(In the olden days, before clocks and alarms were commonplace, the “Mosaher” was the man whose job was to wake people up for the early morning meal in Ramadan called “ Suhoor”. Traditionally he did that by using a drum and chanting to coax people to wake up and eat before the fast begins.)

Binding Hard Cover
Pages 32
Age Range 3+
Dimensions 21 x 5 x 27 cm