Saadeh the Monkey
Saadeh the Monkey

Saadeh the Monkey

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Compiled by: Taghreed Najjar, Illustrated by: Hiba Farran,
These traditional nonsense rhymes combine familiar and strange out of context elements and situations as well as made-up words that have rhythm. They also deal with serious issues that reflect fears and situations in the culture. Fear of wild animals that prey on their livestock. Caring for animals. Waiting for loved ones to come back from their travels.
Titles of the Rhymes in this book are:
1- Ree Ree Reeta
2- Tangerine Tangerine
3- Grandpa’s Bald Head
4- Saadah The Monkey
5- Bolbol Balabel
6- Under The Chair
7- This Old Man
8- Abdul Samad
9- Tiki Tiki Sambo
10- Walking Camel
11- Sarandah Ya Sarandah
12- Suzzaneh
Binding Board Book
Pages 18
Age Range 0+
Dimensions 15 x 1 x 21 cm